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Riverdale Reindeer named Kristoff kissing Cranberry on their farm in Colorado.

Meet our Colorado Reindeer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us unique?

Our family has been caring for and raising animals in Colorado since the early 1900s and we have a true passion for our craft.  We also have a deep desire to share these beautiful and unique creatures with you, giving you a magical experience you’ll always remember!  We entered into this business simply because we love reindeer and hope to share that same joy and passion with you!

Where are we located?

Riverdale Reindeer of Colorado is located just 30 minutes North of Denver.  Making it simple for us to travel to a wide variety of destinations in Colorado.

While WE DO NOT OFFER FARM VISITS at this time we are more than happy to travel to you so that you and your loved ones can experience the joy and beauty that our reindeer have to offer.

Do you know Santa Claus?

None of our reindeer currently have the privilege of flying on Santa’s Sleigh Team.  However, Santa has given us a very special training guide so that, if the need arose, they would be ready to join his best team on his favorite night of the year!

What are your favorite things about reindeer?
  • Reindeer are the only deer species in the entire world where both the male and females grow antlers!
  • Reindeer are the only mammals that can see in ultraviolet light!
  • Reindeer are incredibly adaptive, changing their coats, their hooves, and their eyes as the seasons change.

If you’re interested in learning more about you can check out these videos below!

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Santa’s Wild Home|Nature on PBS

Reindeer Family and Me|BBC Earth

want to know more about our reindeer?

check out our herd page!

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