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“Reindeer truly are one of the most fascinating creatures and Kristoff, Juniper, Cranberry, and Noelle have become a genuine part of our family.  I love that I now have the opportunity to not only share them with my family and friends but with my community as well.”

~ David,  Owner of Riverdale Reindeer

Riverdale Reindeer named Kristoff kissing Cranberry on their farm in Colorado.

our reindeer

Riverdale Reindeer named Juniper on a dirt road on their farm in Colorado.


Birthday: May 1, 2021

Kristoff is our very first bull and came to us from our friends at Utah Reindeer.  Kristoff is a glutton for a big bucket of raisins and oats.  He is an absolute teddy bear, when not in rut, and loves to be brushed and have his back rubbed.

Mom: Holly (Utah Reindeer)

Dad: Frosty

Riverdale Reindeer named Juniper on a dirt road on their farm in Colorado.


Birthday: May 14, 2021

Juniper is the youngest of our original two girls but, despite being the youngest, Juniper quickly took on the role of “herd leader” and is not afraid to show the others who the boss is! Juniper loves going on walks and eating raisins.

Mom: Wishes

Dad: Oscar


Birthday: April 26, 2021

Cranberry is the oldest of our original two girls, by almost a month, and came to us from our good friends at The Jessen Reindeer Ranch. Cranberry loves taking photos and loves it best when she is the center of attention.

Mom: Holly (Jessen Reindeer)

Dad: Oscar


Birthday: April 19, 2016

Noelle is a very beautiful girl, originally from Fritz Reindeer, with the most stunning silver coat and twinkle in her eyes.  She has the true spirit of Christmas within her which makes sense when you know who her parents are!

Mom: Clarice

Dad: Rudolph


Birthday: June 13, 2023

Hickory is the first little bull to be born here on the Riverdale Reindeer farm.  He is such a joy to witness, very spunky and light on his feet. He is also a cuddle bug who LOVES raisins just as much as his dad!

Mom: Juniper

Dad: Kristoff


Birthday: February 29, 2023

Chilli, named after the most brilliant cartoon dog mom around, if you know you know,   is one of the newest Riverdale Reindeer!  Brought from Jessen Reindeer Ranch, she is a half sister to both Juniper and Cranberry!

Mom: Winter

Dad: Oscar


Birthday: April 22, 2023

Lacuna is named after a tiny fairy warrior from the Dresden Files (David’s favorite book series) and is a half sister to Chilli, Juniper, and Cranberry!  Chilli is Lacuna’s very best friend and we look forward to watching all three of our youngest playing in their reindeer games together!

Mom: Wishes

Dad: Jacks

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