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Riverdale Reindeer of Colorado is owned and operated by David and Kayla McIntosh.  Back in 1906, David’s great-great Grandpa Ralph S. McIntosh started a dairy farm on Riverdale Road in Brighton, Colorado.  Since that day, Ralph’s family has lived on and operated McIntosh Dairy.  To say that raising and loving animals runs in David’s veins would be an understatement because, from the very beginning, his family has been passionate about caring for and raising a wide variety of animals.  That same spirit continues to this very day as David and his brother William run the dairy farm that their great great Grandfather opened all those years ago.

David and Kayla met on a blind date, on Halloween night, in 2006 and quickly found themselves to be inseparable.  They were married in April of 2008 and became pregnant with their very first child two months later.  They are currently raising their four kids, Jadon, Joshua, Ezra, and Esme, who are the 6th generation of McIntoshs to live on their family land.

Photo of owners of Riverdale Reindeer, David and Kayla during their fall photo session on their farm in Colorado.

“I Have admired reindeer since i was a young boy.

I would spend hours learning everything I could about these amazing and majestic creatures.  As my knowledge grew, so too did my desire to one day own reindeer of my own.  I even traveled to Alaska to watch the wild Caribou migrate back in 2012 and would love the chance to see that again! 

I never dreamed that I would have the chance to raise reindeer of my own but then, in 2021, we met some great friends at The Jessen Reindeer Ranch and Utah Reindeer and I was finally able to turn my dream of raising reindeer into a reality. In October of 2021, we brought Kristoff, Juniper, and Cranberry home to our centennial dairy farm in Colorado.

Reindeer truly are one of the most fascinating creatures and Kristoff, Juniper, and Cranberry have become a genuine part of our family.  I love that I now have the opportunity to not only share them with my family and but my community as well.”

~ David,  Owner of Riverdale Reindeer

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